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1. Self Defence
2. Discipline
3. Build Self Confidence
4. Health Benefits
5. Endurance
6. Situational Awareness
7. Fight in a controlled environment
8. Learn how to take a punch
9. Ability to assess an opponent
10. Leadership


Highly qualified instructor

International champion

20 years experience

Focus on self development

Motivational attitude

Passion for teaching


Mixed Class

La Lucia Library Activities Room

Monday & Wednesday

3:30pm - 4.30pm


Mixed Class

407 Trenance Park Drive, Palmview, Phoenix

Tuesday & Thursday

5.30pm - 6.15pm



  • Joelene Wilson
    My boys went for their trial class with Sensei Shivona in October and have not looked back since! I couldn't ask for a better teacher! 5 stars all the way.
    Joelene Wilson
  • Nomazulu Hadebe
    A very development focused training centre. Students (young and old) are motivated to excel in their craft. With that, they improve in self discipline and drive. This is a safe place to learn self defense techniques and grow in confidence. Excellence!!!
    Nomazulu Hadebe
  • Vanessa Haniroodh
    Sensei has done a amazing job 👏 my son is more confident 🙏
    Vanessa Haniroodh
  • Clintin Chetty
    Sensei Shivona is an amazing and knowledgeable karate instructor, awesome classes!!
    Clintin Chetty
  • Gerald Chitharai
    It's been a year joining Palmview Karate Club.. in 2022 under Sensei Shivona.. My kid enjoys every moment every class The best Karate Club my kid has ever attended.. Deserves more than 5 stars...
    Gerald Chitharai
  • Avesh Hansraj
    Sensei Shivona is a passionate teacher who strives to create the best of every student she interacts with. Well done and keep up the good work
    Avesh Hansraj
  • Buhle Ntshangase
    Highly recommended! My son started this year but the results are amazing it has helped with his self confidence, weight loss, discipline the list is endless. It's a great club to be part of.
    Buhle Ntshangase
  • Preetha Hariram
    The best Sensei ever! Sensei Shivona has been training my young children for the past 4 years and this has moulded them in their early years to now become confident and happy boys in school, and in social settings. Further to this, they have learnt discipline and respect from learning karate from such a phenomenal Sensei. My husband and I have joined karate with them and are also progressing through the belts. At our age, it has improved our physical endurance, and has helped with our mental resilience in today's stressful times. I highly recommend her! I encourage all parents to learn karate with their kids! Sensei Shivona is just too amazing! I wish I could rate her 10 stars!!!
    Preetha Hariram